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With Local SEO services from 5th & Melody, you can keep your products and services in the eyes of the people who are most likely to buy them — the locals.

Plans & Pricing

Local SEO Services

Local business
per month/per location
Backed by 12+ years experience
Local SEO expert assigned
Local keyword research for up to 5 products or services
On-page local seo optimization
Schema HTML tags
Citation management
- Google My Business
- Bing
- Apple Maps
- Facebook
Google My Business setup & optimization
Facebook Business page setup
Facebook Business page message setup
Glassdoor page setup
Instagram page claim
Twitter page claim
Data axel listing
Neustar listing
Foursquare listing
Updates to location citation information as needed bases
Citation portal and reporting
Review management
Notification of reviews/social media activity
Respond and add reviews to your website
Monthly reporting
Website analytics
Keyword rank tracking
Phone call and website visit tracking
Automatic executive report each week
Access to Reputation Management Platform
Access to Social Marketing Platform
Access to List Builder Platform
Access to Customer Voice Platform
Get Started
Citation building only
per month/per location

Get access to our DIY 5th & Melody business listing platform to manage your key local citations.

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Give Google a reason to show off your business.

When you target your products and services to the people in surrounding communities, SEO strategies are much different than those at a national level. 

Our local search engine optimization techniques give us key insights into regional markets, including our AI that we’ve specialized for interpreting local data. We’ll use our research to give your business a competitive edge in your niche.

Keep your business locally relevant

The biggest issue for struggling small businesses is getting the word out about their products and services. But when you get help from a professional local SEO company, you can bump your business towards the top of the page for local users that are interested in your product, and enjoy the revenue boost.

Optimize your website’s traffic

Don’t waste money marketing to a whole nation when you offer products and services at a local level. With local SEO services from 5th & Melody, we’ll focus your advertising towards users in your community to maximize your investment, and keep the customers coming.

Boost your branding and reputation

Bad reviews and online rumors can really be the finishing blow for struggling small businesses. That’s why our local SEO tools help us manage your branding and reputation online to help you remain in good standing with Google and your clients, and keep business booming.

Local SEO services that help you blow past your competition

Sign-spinners and lawn ads can only get you so far in today’s market. It’s crucial to advertise to the people who are looking for your services, at the moment they need them. At 5th & Melody, we’ll boost your ranking, and gain a reputation for you with Google. You’ll get more visibility with people who are hunting for your product or service, giving you a competitive edge.

Search Ranking Boost

The front page of Google is really the only page that people look at. At 5th & Melody, we have local SEO tools and strategies to help your business get there. If a user is interested in your product or service, we’ll make it easier for them to find you.

Regional Keyword Research

We’ve optimized our tools for local SEO research, and we update them constantly to provide the most up-to-date SEO for your business. This includes our analytical AI that we’ve programmed to interpret local data, and find exactly what key terms interested users in your community are searching for.

Social and Business Citation Building

At 5th & Melody, we’ll use our network of connections to spread the word about your business on a multitude of reputable websites and local directories. With these local SEO citations on enough sites, Google will start to take notice of your business — and place you higher on the rankings.

Drive Local Traffic

With local SEO citations and a boost from search rankings, you’ll be driving more and more interested users away from your competitors. And when there’s an influx of interested traffic to your website, it’ll boost your revenue, and scale your business in no time.

Up-to-Date Regional Data

The world is constantly changing, and interested users aren’t always searching the same terms. We’re continuously upgrading our AI and local SEO tools to keep up with local data and regional trends. That’s how we make sure that your website’s SEO is one step ahead of the competition at all times.

Google My Business Listing Services

When users search for products and services, Google My Business listings take a huge part in what they see. When you choose business listing services from 5th & Melody, we’ll take advantage of Google’s algorithms to optimize your listing, and put your company front and center for these users.

On-Page Optimization

The content you list on your website can really make an impact when it comes to getting to the front page of Google. When you use local SEO services from 5th & Melody, we’ll fine-tune your website with regional key terms and efficient formatting. This will optimize your listing and heighten your search engine rankings.

Mobile Responsive Design

More than half of all online searches are done by a phone or another mobile device — especially when users are looking for local businesses on the road. At 5th & Melody, we’ll give your website a mobile responsive design. No matter where your potential customers are searching from, they’ll be willing to make a deal.

Results and Reporting with Snapshot Report

Don’t just take our word for it. Our local SEO tools monitor every facet of your website. When we meet with you, we’ll provide reports about your site’s local rankings, visits from local profiles, trending keywords, and direction requests from Snapshot Report. We’ll also give you the tools to monitor it yourself, so you can stay on top of your business’s growth.

Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Looking to optimize your entire operation? At 5th & Melody, we can adjust our tools and AI to upgrade your local SEO for multiple locations. Whether you expand to two locations or two hundred, we’ll keep local users in the know about your business — and keep the customers coming.

Professional local SEO services centered around your business

We’re only a quick phone call away

You’ll have a personal liaison that is focused on your business’ success. The only barrier between your concerns and clarity is a simple phone call. 

We offer small businesses a way to grow

The biggest issue for small businesses is a lack of notoriety. We take away that roadblock because you already have enough on your plate.

There’s no risk in trying

Our services include a 7-day free trial. If you aren’t happy with our services, we’ll issue a full refund.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses build their reputations.

At 5th & Melody, we’re focused on giving you the tools you need to become successful. As digital marketing professionals, we take advantage of what Google has to offer, so you have the opportunity to grow. 

Owning a small business can be hard enough, so we make sure you can sit back and watch our local SEO services guide you towards success.


We’ve spent collective decades in the digital marketing agency because we love what we do. We continue to study the market daily to make sure that your business will have nothing in the way of success. 

Client-Focused business plan

Our job is to make you money. So whether it’s our fast, reliable customer service, or our constant regional research, your business is the center of our day-to-day actions.

Strategies that produce results

We know Google’s algorithm like the backs of our hands, and we’ve compiled hundreds of customizable local SEO campaigns that have helped small businesses find success.

Your primary tool for your businesses digital strategy

5th & Melody's online business platform helps businesses reach their goals with essential online marketing tools. Track your digital marketing performance all in one place whether its reputation management, social media, reviews, website analytics or SEO.

Our platform allows three unique digital service models that cater to the needs of your business. You can do-it-yourself, do it with me, or do it for me.


You know exactly what you want for your business and how to interact with customers online. We simply provide you the tools and training, and then you’re off to conquer the digital world on your own.

Do It With Me

We team up and share the workload on a level everyone is comfortable with. We’ll take on the responsibilities you don’t want to worry about, likelistings management, review monitoring, and social posting.

Do It For Me

If you’re too busy to worry about online marketing, we can do most (if not all) of the heavy lifting for you. We get right under the hood and learn your business and customers so we can communicate your brand effectively.

Local SEO Service Experience


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Supporting Businesses

We’ve helped thousands of small businesses scale to the size they’ve always dreamt of.


Years of Experience

For the last 12+ years, we’ve been using AI to drive substantial growth for small businesses.

Don’t wait around and hope the needle will move

In an age dominated by smartphones and computers, recommendations by word of mouth just aren’t enough anymore. Call 5th & Melody for your local SEO, and start scaling your business today.