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Our small business marketing services can provide everything you need to draw more traffic to your website and get the leads that convert into profit. We utilize artificial intelligence in SEO to maximize your ROI so that you can rank higher on search engines faster than other SEO companies.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

You want higher rankings in search — and we want you to have them! We have the SEO strategies and magic that drive up your rankings and get you on that all-important first page of Google results for your most relevant keywords. What we build is no flash-in-the-pan — we make sure that you’re getting sustainable results for the long-term growth of your business.

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SEO Blog Content Writing

Blog Content

If you want to engage a vibrant audience, you have to have captivating content that portrays your brand’s voice and values. Content that is useful and educational will bring your trust and relevance to your site. The valuable content will help you develop a meaningful audience and establishes you as an expert in your field.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Implement A/B testing with the fresh design of your landing pages or quick feedback from our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialists.  Combine your content and SEO efforts with a deep dive into your page’s design and increase your lead generation!

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SEO Website Content

Website Content

To rank number one on search engines, your website will have to have a great user experience that brings your clients and customers back. There are hundreds of technical points that make your website rank stronger on search engines. We will use the same strategies we use to rank our site with thousands of unique visitors a day for your site.

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SEO Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

You never want your advertising dollars to flush down the drain, so we monitor your paid efforts by keeping an eye on your ROI. We will make adjustments to your paid ad campaign, so you get the most of it. The key to a positive result from a paid advertising campaign is quality.

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Technology that gets you wins

Artificial Intelligence Assisted SEO

The truth about SEO is... you need backlinks. Boom, you got some of the secret sauce. Backlinks are and always have been the most important ranking factor in Google's algorithm. That's why 5th & Melody comes in with the big guns utilizing AI to find the best backlinking opportunities. By us harnessing the power of AI to assist with SEO outreach, we can build 10x more opportunities than our competitors.
SEO Outreach

Outreach Opportunities

There are billions of blogs, social media, and discussion boards, users all over are talking about your product, services and industry. We get you into those discussions so your not missing out. Our AI engine allows us to target the best opportunities quicker, that means more outreach opportunities for you.

Nitche Relevant Backlinks

Nitche-Relavant Links

Some SEO companies could give you bad links that don't relate to your Nitche. We go the extra mile to make sure your getting the best backlinks from top ranking sites in your niche! With the help of AI we target the best nitche links possible.

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White Hat SEO

White Hat & No Ghost Links

We make sure all your backlinks come from trusted top-ranking websites in your nitche. Additionally, we make sure you are seen with Google! Once we build the link, you will automatically be submitted to google using AI!

Local Citation Building
Manual citation building

Local Citation Building to Boost Local Rankings

5th & Melody builds the most quality and cost effective citation building service. We build and clean thousands of local citations every year. With more than 1500 sites to choose from, we pick the very best for your ranking. We do not use an aggregation unless requested because we want you to own the submission even if you quit using our service.

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Press Release Distribution
Instant Exposure

Syndicated Press Release Distribution Services

Do you want to reach across 350+ news outlets and over 100,000 journalist? We will write, distribute and give you are report of your placement. This includes a brand anchor & URL and SEO Optimized content. PR releases gives the impression you are the leading authority in your industry.

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Our Process

We follow a detailed process and we help you master consistency with your marketing strategy.  We know how to guide you down a clearly-marked path to success.
Technical Website Audit

Technical Website Audit

Our process starts with a full website technical audit to determine where you stand with SEO today and where we should begin to move forward with SEO.

SEO Keywork Research

Keyword Research

The most critical part of your online marketing strategy is keyword research. Keyword research involves us finding out what your users are searching for to find your company and forming a detail ROI plan for your business.

Onsite Website Optimization

Onsite Website Optimization

Once we have your keyword research in order, we will put them to work! We will work with you on how to implement your keyword marketing strategy on your website to increase performance and drive more traffic.

SEO Optimization

Off-domain Optimization

We help you grow your website up the rank with google! We do this through the most critical step out-reach building! We will do content marketing, link building, citation building, PR distribution, and more! We build your brand recognition and authority, so you get the attention you deserve!

SEO Support

On-going Reports & Support

We offer monitoring and support every step of the way. We offer a online dashboard where you can monitor your performance and we will host monthly calls to go through the progress and work we have done for your small business SEO campaign.


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Outreaching Services
Weekly or Monthly Updates
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SEO Blog Outreach
Blog Outreach Services
  • Editorial link mentions from bloggers
  • 100% genuine blog owners
  • High domain authority backlinks
  • We will write all the content
  • Track our progress through the dashboard
  • Full placement reports
Local Citation Building Services
Local Citation Building
  • Manual submission service
  • UK, US &Australia & Canada
  • Up to 20 submissions per month
  • NAP consistent listings
  • For local or national business
  • Full placement reports
Press Release Distribution
Press Release Distribution
  • Instant Online Exposure
  • Great for News Announcements
  • Generate Tons of Link Mentions
  • Google News Inclusion
  • Full Placement Report
  • Great for PR Communications
SEO Paid Search
Paid Search Services
Paid search drives relevant and targeted traffic to your website by showing ads for your business on search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for related keywords. The pricing model means you only pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site (pay-per-click/PPC)
SEO Outreach Boot
Outreach Boost
Boost your Blogger Outreach & Guest Post Placements to over 100 media websites with our outreach boost service. Simply provide us with your link placement URL and we'll republish this content using the rel=canonical tag on 100+ high authority news sites across the US, delivering a nice mix of follow and no follow link signals
SEO Media Placement
Media Placement
Acquire links and mentions from our exclusive connections with the worlds largest media sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and many more and land links that others could only dream of.

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