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Make your non-profit website reflect your brand with our All In One custom web design plan

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"I get more clients to my site now that I can show case all the case studies and awards from all the past years."

Darryl Welch

—  Owner, Impact Catering

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$179 / month
Setup fee $945
Up to 5 Pages
2 Design Revisions Rounds
15 Stock Photos
Basic Hosting
Free Website Maintenance
Advance Page Speed
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Google Analytics Integration
SEO optimization
Blog functionality
Website Editor
New site every year
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$279 / month
Setup fee $2145
Up to 15+ Pages
3 Design Revision Rounds
35 Stock Photos
Business Hosting
Free Website Maintenance
Advance Page Speed
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Google Analytics Integration
SEO optimization
Blog functionality
Website Editor
New site every year
+ Ecommerce
Need Wordpress? 
This package allows you to choose between our CMS and wordpress. *Requires 12 month agreement.
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Can my non for profit run a blog?

Yes, with the plus and premium plan we can build a custom blog that drives high engaged visitors to your site. You can post and edit blogs as much as you like. Should my non-profit run a blog? We say yes! It is a great opportunity to connect with your audience and its a great content marketing opportunity.

Is there a limited to the amount of maintenance request? 

Customers can submit as many tasks at one time as they wish. However, tasks submitted simultaneously will be handled one at a time. Our designers will not move on to the next task until the current task is completed and approved. A task can take 2 to 3 days to complete. This is to make sure this perk is not abused.

What is the set up fee for?

Custom web design like we offer can cost from $10,000 to $100,000 in upfront cost; however, we provide this service for you as a low monthly cost. The setup fee goes towards the set up on your account, the research, the design and the development hours to get your site live.

What are design round revisions? 

Unlike maintenance, the design round revisions are limited per plan while your site is being designed. When we first design the website and show it to you, this is your opportunity to make revisions to the site design.

My non-profit can get a new website every year? 

Yes, after the year is up you can request a new website design! Even if you want to keep the same content, we can refresh the website, or you can keep the same one you have! Clients usually like to upgrade every year and a half to two years. You can choose whenever after the year.

What do you mean the site is based on user experience testing and built to covert? 

All our sites go through a standard user experience evaluation, and random websites are often run through a user testing session with real potential website visitors. Based on feedback and the assessment we will adjust the site for the best user experience possible. We also track analytical data and do A/B testing to ensure our websites are using the best methods to convert users into leads.